Citiswich Bremer Mills Business Park

Project Type: Non-Aboriginal (historic) Cultural Heritage Assessment and Management Plan
Client: Walker Corp
LGA: Ipswich City, QLD
Bremer Mills was the commercial enterprise established by entrepreneur Joseph Fleming by 1850. Commercial activities at the estate included a Boiling Down Works, a Sawmill and later a steam-powered flour mill. In lieu of impending development, Everick were engaged to complete further investigations at the site to assist in drafting a management plan for historic heritage values. The Bremer Mills Estate is an important example of the early development of commercial enterprises in Ipswich. Joseph Flemming was also an important figure of development of Ipswich, and his ventures provided employment for a number of families and individuals in the region. Everick commenced work at the site in 2006 and completed the following activities:

  • research and reviews of existing literature
  • archaeological survey and excavations;
  • site recording and documentation;
  • artefact analysis and cataloguing;
  • preparation of a Historic Cultural Heritage Assessment; and
  • preparation of a Cultural Heritage Management Plan. 

The investigations determined that the foundations of the Boiling Down Works dated to 1851 were still extant. This site currently has the best physical documentation of any of the buildings related to the Bremer Mills Estate and as an archaeological site, it acquires additional significance in that it can provide information that the historical record cannot. As an early site of industrial activities in Queensland, it is a rare and important example. The only example of a boiling down works on the Queensland Heritage Register is that of the one at Burketown (Place ID. 600375), which operated some 40 years later.

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