Cumbalum B Urban Release Area - Precinct B

Project Type: Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment, Community Engagement
Client: Planning Resolutions
LGA: Ballina, NSW

Initial cultural heritage and archaeological investigations of the Cumbalum Urban Release Area Precinct B were conducted by Su Davies from 2007 through to 2009. As a result of an amendment to the legislation, Everick was engaged to conduct further community consultation for the project and on the basis of Davies results, Everick completed the following:

  • Conducted further community consultation to satisfy the requirements of the Office of Environment and Heritage the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Consultation Requirements for Proponents (2010);
  • Completed a supplementary Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment pursuant to satisfying the Code of Practice for the Investigation of Aboriginal Objects in NSW (2010)
  • negotiated a CHMP for the CURA Precinct B area to be implemented for all future works; and
  • preparation of an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit

Everick’s involvement in the Cumbalum Urban Release Area Precinct B are currently ongoing, following a commitment to assist the Aboriginal community where required in the development of a cultural centre.

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