Dr Jo Kamminga


Senior Archaeologist  Ph. D, BA, M. Litt 

Specialist Consultant, Stone Tool Analysis and Technical Reporting, Provision of Expert Testimony, Archaeological Survey and Excavation.

Dr Jo Kamminga is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost archaeologists and prehistorians. He is noted for his discovery of Pleistocene sites in Australia, pioneering the modern study of archaeological and ethnographic stone tools, establishing the field of cultural mechanics in mechanical engineering, and for his research on fossil hominins in Eastern Asia.

Jo has over 40 years’ experience in prehistoric and historical archaeology. His leadership of Alligator Rivers Archaeology Study in 1973 (commissioned by the Australian Government and the Minerals Council of Australia) was the first archaeological consultancy in Australia. Subsequently he contributed to establishing standards for cultural heritage consulting.

Currently Jo provides professional advice and expert evidence to law firms, and government departments in relation to legal matters before the NSW Land & Environment Court. He specialises in independent reviews of Aboriginal sites identification and cultural heritage values (e.g. Hunter Environmental Lobby Inc v Minister for Planning and Infrastructure and Ashton Coal Operations Pty Ltd. NSW Land and Environment Court No. 11154 of 2012).

In 1972 Jo was awarded a BA Honours 1st class and the Anthropology Graduation Prize, and in 1980 a PhD by the University of Sydney. His theses provided a new foundation for contemporary understanding prehistoric stone tools.

Currently Jo is the longest practicing consultant archaeologist in Australia. His academic profile includes Research Associate in the Department of Archaeology and Natural History, Australian National University, and Faculty Member (previously Erasmus Mundus Visiting Professor) at the University of the Philippines. He was a founding member of Australian Archaeological Association, and since 1972 a member of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies.


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