Our Experience


Aboriginal Cultural Heritage


New Crown Exploration

Gold Coast Airport Projects

Flinders Residential Development

Amex Ripley Valley Residential Development


Stradbroke and Bay Islands Part 6 Studies (Quandamooka)

Casino Rail Freight Terminal

Liverpool Plains Water Treatment Plant

CURA Precinct B Residential Development


Angels Beach Residential Development

Burrell Bulai Aboriginal Place

South Tamworth Rural DCP

Glen Arteny Industrial Development

 Pedirka Basin Exploration

 Palm Valley Exploration
Lot 5182 Bagot Road Masterplan

FRV Solar Projects

 Queen's Wharf

Cross River Rail
ARTC Inland Rail Projects


Historic Cultural Heritage


 Eagle Terrace Women's Prison

Petrie Terrace Barracks

Budd Park Wharf

Bremer Mills Estate

Bancroft Baths
Byron Rail  Flagstaff Hill  Byron Backpackers 
 Wynnum Road Upgrade
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