FRV Solar Projects

Project Type: Cultural Heritage DOC Assessment
Client: FRV Australia
LGA: Bowen Basin, QLD
As the nominated Aboriginal Heritage Advisor, Everick have worked on a number of assessments for several solar projects in the Bowen Basin. 
Tasks for these assessments include:

  • Managing proponents;
  • CHMP compliance and;
  • Supervision of surveys and geotechnical clearences.

Everick were commissioned by FRV to undertake a Cultural Heritage Duty of Care Assessment for the Lilyvale Solar Farm, Queensland. A desktop assessment and field inspection established that:

  • The Project Area had history of extensive ground disturbance as a result of periodic land clearing by bulldozers, clearing of all original vegetation and extensive erosion. 
  • A search of the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) database and register did not identify any items of registered cultural heritage within the Project Area. However, 35 DATSIP registered cultural heritage sites are located within 1km of the Project Area. 
  • A survey of the Project Area identified a relatively large amount of isolated artefacts and artefact scatters. 

Everick concluded that the Project Activities within the Project Area would result in harm to potentially Significant Aboriginal Objects.
Therefore Everick recommended:

  • Heritage mitigation works (salvage and survey) in the Project Area
  • The client seek an agreement with the Aboriginal Parties over the management of heritage.

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