Glen Arteny Industrial Development West Tamworth

Project Type: Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Due Diligence Assessment
Client: Tamworth Regional Council / GHD
LGA: Tamworth Regional, NSW

In 2015 Everick were commissioned by GHD Pty Ltd on Behalf of the Tamworth Regional Council (TRC) to undertake a range of assessments to investigate the potential rezoning of lands identified as the Glen Artney Industrial Development (GAID). The assessment aimed to provide advice to the TRC in relation to the rezoning of the GAID by identifying whether any Aboriginal Objects and Places of cultural significance were located within the subject lands and providing appropriate heritage assessment and management practices that might inform future development applications. Works included:

  • reviews of existing heritage registers and databases, historic parish mapping and aerial photography and the results of previous cultural heritage assessments for the region;
  • assessment of the development proposal against the Office of Environment and Heritage Due Diligence Code of Practice for the Protection of Aboriginal Objects in NSW (2010);
  • preparation of an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage assessment in accordance with the Office of Environment and Heritage Code of Practice for the Investigation of Aboriginal Objects in NSW (2010);
  • completion of an archaeological survey conducted with the assistance of the Tamworth Local Aboriginal Land Council.

No places of intangible (non-physical) cultural heritage significance were located during the archaeological survey however the inspection did identified six Aboriginal heritage sites, consisting of four isolated artefacts; a low density artefact scatter, and a modified tree. The stone artefacts are considered as ‘background scatter’, having a low archaeological significance, mainly due to the highly disturbed nature of the lands in which they were located. The modified tree on the other hand has been interpreted as containing a moderate archaeological significance with there being no doubt as to its human origins. The tree is also expressed to contain a high cultural significance by the Tamworth LALC.

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