Ian Scott | GIS Specialist

GIS Specialist
  BA (Hons), MA (Sc)
Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Mapping, Archaeological Research, Archaeological Survey and Excavation, Community Liaison

Joining the company in 2017, Ian Scott brings to Everick experience in the fields of Archaeology and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Ian earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Archaeology at the University of Queensland. He also completed a Masters of Science in Forensic Anthropology at the University of Bradford.

Ian is currently studying a Master of Geographical Science at the University of Queensland and has been able to apply this knowledge and skill set to his work. As a Heritage Consultant, Ian has experience in archaeological and anthropological surveys, site identification and recording, liaison with stakeholders (Indigenous, Government and private), archaeological research and report writing, producing maps and providing accurate GIS field data.

Ian has worked as a heritage manager with the responsibilities of managing several significant heritage projects, managing and producing budgets for heritage research, surveys, excavations and reports and liaising with and providing heritage advice to clients. 

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