Laura Bates | Senior Archaeologist


Senior Archaeologist  BA (Hons)
Senior Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey and Excavation, Indigenous and Historic Heritage, DOC and Due Diligence Assessments and Impact Assessments.

Laura Bates has worked in the field of archaeology locally and internationally for ten years. Laura earned a Bachelor’s degree in Ancient History at Macquarie University and completed her Honours thesis at Monash University.

Over her career, Laura has gained extensive archaeological experience that has allowed her to perfect many aspects of her work, from single-context excavation techniques to communication with colleagues, clients, local and indigenous participants. Within Australia, Laura has worked in New South Wales on the Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade for Roads and Maritime Services, where she undertook European heritage investigation, excavations and field assessments. Her experience has also seen her work in Victoria at Kow Swamp, a vital Indigenous site dating to the late Pleistocene era, and in Western Australia on site identification, salvage and survey. Laura has also worked at the World Heritage Site of Port Arthur in Tasmania, excavating convict-period features and deposits.

During her time as an archaeologist, she has worked in a variety of international locations and managing large scale excavations, including the liquid natural gas project in Papua New Guinea headed by Exxon Mobil, and more recently, supervising research excavations in Turkey with the German Archaeological Institute in Istanbul. Laura has also worked in England and Scotland on various excavations, and she also has experience in GIS mapping, lithic analysis, supervising and working closely with indigenous peoples and Traditional Owner groups. 

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