Lot 5182 Bagot Road

Project Type: Archaeological Assessment
Client: Planit Consulting / Gwalwa Daraniki
LGA: Darwin, NT

Everick was commissioned by Planit Consulting to undertake an archaeological assessment of parts of Lot 5182 Bagot Road, Bagot, Northern Territory The primary purpose of the assessment was to determine what, if any impacts the proposed Bagot Road Masterplan may have upon Aboriginal or Macassan occupation within and associated with the Study Area. Works included:

  • reviews of existing heritage registers and databases, historic mapping, aerial photography and the results of previous cultural heritage assessments for the region; and
  • preparation of an Archaeological Assessment.

Having completed an archaeological assessment and excavations on an adjacent land parcel, Everick was aware of the potential location of an Aboriginal or Macassan Place as defined in section 6(2) of the Heritage Act (2014) to be located within the Study Area. Everick’s experience from previous projects in the region was such that the exact location of this place was unverified, with a number of potential locations listed. Everick’s archaeological excavations in the adjacent lot confirmed that the prevailing soil type and conditions were not suitable for burials. The same soil type was mapped within the parts of Lot 5182 subject to assessment. On this basis, Everick contacted the heritage branch who advised that no further archaeological investigations were required for the Study Area.

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