New Crown Exploration

Project Type: Archaeological Assessment
Client: Tri-Star Energy Company
LGA: MacDonnell, NT

In 2013 Everick was engaged by Tri Star Energy to undertake an archaeological assessment for the proposed Exploration Bore Holes at ‘New Crown’, south of Andado within Pedirka Basin. The purpose of the assessment was to identify any Aboriginal archaeological objects located within the assessment area which may be impacted by the proposed exploration activities. Works included:

  • a targeted archaeological survey;
  • site identification and recording;reviews of existing heritage registers and databases, historic mapping, aerial photography and the results of previous cultural heritage assessments for the region; and
  • preparation of an Archaeological Assessment.

No Aboriginal archaeological objects were recorded during the survey at either New Crown 01 or New Crown 01 Camp or on the proposed access tracks as assessed. Everick noted that these results were unusual and advised that this should not be interpreted as indicating the Aboriginal Heritage is not to be found within this landscape. It is well documented that this landscape and environmental context is rich in Aboriginal heritage. Everick recommended that at an appropriate time in the future, a full archaeological survey of those areas to be impacted by mining operations, including consultation with the Traditional Owners, should be undertaken.

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