Palm Valley Exploration

Project Type: Archaeological Assessment
Client: Central Petroleum Ltd
LGA: MacDonnell, NT

Everick was commissioned by Central Petroleum to conduct an Archaeological Assessment for proposed drill PAD locations within the Palm Valley Oilfield. Preliminary modelling based on a desktop review of relevant literature and environmental context identified a moderate potential for Aboriginal heritage to be located within the investigation area. The assessment included:

  • an archaeological survey of the proposed drill pads and ancillary works areas;
  • provision of with detailed management recommendations for the mitigation of impacts to the Heritage Objects located within the investigation area; and
  • Consultation with the Central land council to allow for relocation of the artefacts.

The survey identified one artefact scatter consisting of silcrete cores, microliths and flaked pieces, typical of archaeological materials located throughout the region. Everick is currently in the process of preparing to lodge the permit application with DLPE and will continue to support Central Petroleum through the repatriation/ consultation process with the Central Land Council. Additional we will continue to lease with Central Petroleum’s approvals sub-contractor Low Ecological Services.

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