Petrie Terrace Police Barracks

Project Type: Non-Aboriginal (historic) Cultural Heritage Assessment and Management Plan
Client: QM Properties and Property Solutions
LGA: Brisbane City, QLD
Everick commenced preliminary archaeological investigations at the Petrie Terrace Police Barracks in 2006. The principal aim of the investigations was to ascertain the extent of the sub-surface remains of the 1860 gaol including footings, walls, and other infrastructure. A series of trenches were excavated perpendicular to location of walls of the identified features illustrated on historic plans of the Barracks and Former Gaol. The works undertaken by Dr Richard Robins and Associate Historian Thom Blake included:

  • research and reviews of existing literature;
  • archaeological excavations;
  • site recording and documentation;
  • artefact analysis and cataloguing; and
  • preparation of a Historic Cultural Heritage Assessment. 

The investigations determined that a substantial portion of the foundations of the gaol wall, and those of other buildings, were still extant. Excavations confirmed the existing evidence on the history of the site as well as providing more detailed understanding of construction methods used and insights into the water supply and drainage system for the prison which was undocumented. The excavations found that the site sustained significant state heritage values – demonstrating the strategic location of the jail and its historical context, as well as the social context of punishment and incarceration in 19th century Queensland. Elements of the site have now been incorporated into the current use of the site.

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