Ray Holyoak | Historian

Archaeologist  BA (Hons)
History, Archaeological Research, Archaeological Survey and Excavation, DOC and Due Diligence Assessments, Impact Assessments and Community Liaison.

Ray Holyoak is a historian and cultural heritage consultant with over fifteen years of experience with infrastructure and historical assessment projects throughout Queensland, with particular local knowledge of Townsville. He earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from James Cook University and is currently a PhD candidate at James Cook University.

Ray has broad experience with researching and reporting on local heritage, as well as with infrastructure cultural heritage studies and assessments. He offers developed skills in heritage and archival research, academic and professional writing and presentation, in addition to proficiency in archaeological assessment, site monitoring and interpretation for industrial and mining sites.

Ray has recently been involved in many historically based projects in Townsville including the GHD Townsville Easter Access Rail Corridor heritage survey, heritage assessments and contaminated land monitoring in Townsville, and regularly contributed historical articles to the Townsville Bulletin. From 2001-2004, Ray was a Heritage Consultant for the Brisbane City Council Planning Heritage Unit, as well as a Cultural Heritage Officer for the Environmental Protection Agency of Townsville from 2005-2008.
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