Richard Yelf | GPR Specialist


GPR Specialist
BSc (Hons), MSc
Ground Penetrating Radar, Applied Geotechnics and Geophysics.  

Richard Yelf is an international consultant with more than 35 years experience in Applied Geotechnics and
Geophysics. He received his BSc Hons from Liverpool University in 1976 and his MSc from the University
College London in 1979. He has worked full time in Ground Penetrating Radar for the past 35 years. He
introduced GPR to Australia in 1984, and was subsequently awarded a National Research Fellowship for his
work on the Applications of GPR to Mining and Geotechnical Engineering.

He has conducted a very wide range of GPR projects, including Mining, Civil Engineering, Geotechnical
Engineering, Environmental, Archaeological and Military applications. Richard has numerous publications in
the GPR forum and is the editor of the Standards Manual for GPR Testing published by ASEG-SEGJ. In 2004
he received the Inaugural Brite Award for innovation in the Australian Construction Industry for the development
and practical application of high resolution GPR inspection methods for examining concrete structures in civil
engineering. He has been heavily involved with the organisation of the International Conferences on GPR since
the mid 1980’s and in 2006 and 2008 was the Chair of the technical sessions on Mining and Tunnelling at this
conference. In October 2008 he received an OCE Award from CSIRO for the development of a novel ground
radar antenna for very deep penetraion with the QLD Centre for Advanced Technologies. He is the founder
and Managing Director of Georadar Research Pty Ltd, an Australian company which specialises in the
introduction and application of new GPR methods.

Richard is Everick's preferred GPR specialist and he regularly consults in Everick projects throughout
Queensland and New South Wales.

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