Thom Blake | Heritage Associate


Heritage Associate

Historical Surveys and Heritage Assessments including Comprehensive Reports and Recommendations.

Dr Thom Blake is a professional historian and heritage consultant with extensive experience in historical research and heritage studies. He has extensive experience in undertaking cultural heritage projects in Queensland including conservation management plans, regional and local surveys for local authorities, state wide surveys, and heritage impact statements. 

Thom served as President of the Professional Historians Association (2000-2002) and was a member of the Queensland Heritage Council (1999-2001). He is currently a member of the Executive of the Australian Council of Professional Historians Associations. Thom has been a member of the Heritage Register Advisory Committee since 1992 - an expert panel which advices the Queensland Heritage Council on nominations to the Heritage Register. His publication A Dumping Ground: A History of the Cherbourg Settlement was the winner of the NSW Premiers History Award: State Records Prize in 2002.

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