Aboriginal Cultural Heritage 

Current Projects - Queensland

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ARTC Inland Rail

Cultural Heritage Clearances for geotechnical drill holes, liaison with Aboriginal groups, GIS technical support, spatial database maintenance and Project Management.


Cross River Rail

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage advisor for a proposed rail line within Brisbane CBD. Project tasks include leading heritage management negotiations, CHMP preparation, disturbance analysis, historic research, preparation of internal management strategies, briefing senior management and survey supervision.


Kestrel Coal Mining

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage coordinator and technical advisor. Tasks include managing Proponent’s CHMP compliance and supervision of surveys, test excavations and geotechnical clearances. Project management including daily and weekly reporting, TOR drafing, HSE documentation, ongoing strategic advice and committee meeting attendance.


Stradbroke and Bay Islands Part 6 Studies (QYAC)

Part 6 Cultural Heritage Studies over 10 areas within North Stradbroke, Moreton, Peel, Coochimudloe, Russell and Macleay Islands. Extensive geomorphic and environmental research on the formation of coastal dunes in the region. Consultation with local knowledge holders, DATSIP and Council.


Gold Coast Airport Interpretation

High resolution digital photography and 3D photogrammetry scans of key artefacts from previous excavation to create a Aboriginal Cultural Heritage video and materials for the Airport expansion installations and promotional material.


FRV Solar Farms

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage manager and technical advisor for solar projects. Tasks include managing FRVs legislative compliance, predictive archaeological modelling & risk analysis, CHMP and deed drafting and negotiation, and participation in surveys and archaeological test excavations.


Amex Ripley Valley Residential

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage advisor for a proposed 800 ha residential development staged over 20 years. Tasks included negotiating approved Part 7 CHMP, ongoing negotiation with Aboriginal groups over impact mitigation, maintenance of Aboriginal site records, and supervision of on site cultural heritage works.


TMR Bruce Highway Upgrades, Sunshine Coast

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage advisor for the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program. Tasks include conducting a Cultural Heritage Field Assessment comprising a survey, report and test pitting. Following this assessment and its results, a CHMP will be drafted for the Project Footprint and negotiated in consultation with the Aboriginal Party.


Peet Palmview Residential

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage advisor for a proposed residential development. Tasks include negotiating Part 7 CHMP, ongoing negotiation with Aboriginal groups over impact mitigation, maintenance of Aboriginal site records, and supervision of on site cultural heritage works.


Current Projects - New South Wales & Victoria


Abbotsford Bridge Rehabilitation Project

 A Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) is being prepared for TfNSW for the proposed rehabilitation works of this historic Murray River crossing in northwest Victoria. The CHMP is small but involved survey and subsurface test excavation with the First People of the Millewa-Mallee Aboriginal Corporation who are the registered Aboriginal party for the area. Finds include stone artefacts, shell midden, a hearth and glass artefacts which may be associated with the old punt crossing or Yelta Mission which is a few hundred metres downstream.


Cobaki Lakes

This ongoing project involved a desktop study, site inspections, extensive consultation with the Aboriginal community, an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment and an accompanying CHMP. Extensive archaeological excavations have been undertaken, much of which consisted of shell midden.


Grafton Regional Gallery

Statement of Heritage Impact for the locally heritage listed Grafton Regional Gallery including desktop research, site inspection, detailed field survey and recording informed the preparation a report for the gallery, including recommendations on future heritage impact mitigation practices and legislative advice.

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Arrunga Estate, Nimbin

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment including desktop review, site inspection with representatives of the Ngulingah LALC, archaeological excavations, ongoing management advice and preparation of an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit.


Drainage Pipe Replacement, Dareton

TfNSW is proposing to replace a stormwater drainage pipe on a property and Crown land in far western NSW adjacent to the ancestral bank of the Murray River. Archaeological survey identified and registered a freshwater shell midden which would be impacted by the works. In consultation with the RAPs, an Archaeological Methodology was prepared to support an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit (AHIP) application to allow for test excavation within and close to the shell midden to determine the nature and extent of subsurface archaeological deposit and provide the RAPs and TfNSW with management and mitigation options.


Completed Projects


Queen’s Wharf

Cultural heritage advisor to Destination Brisbane Consortium (DBC). Tasks included consultation with the Aboriginal Parties for the area, technical advice, disturbance assessment, detailed management recommendations, and archaeological excavation supervision.


Logan Infrastructure Water Alliance Projects

Technical advisor to the Danggan Balun (Five Rivers) People for various projects with the Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance. Tasks included desktop assessment, archaeological survey, excavations and agreement negotiation.


Casino Freight Rail Terminal

A major excavation of a proposed inland infrastructure hub at Casino, NSW. The project included a three week excavation of a in situ archaeological deposit which was in a deep sand deposit. The project included consultation with the Casino Boolangle LALC and Githabul People.


Gold Coast Airport

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage technical advisor to large scale GCA development works. Works include managing legislative compliance, ongoing negotiation with Aboriginal groups and participation in surveys, clearances, and excavation at 33 archaeological test locations, much of which consisted of shell midden. Preparation of archaeological excavation reports and a Cultural Heritage Management Plan.


Pleistocene Modelling of Stradbroke and Moreton Islands - QYAC

To assist the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation to discharge their Native Title Obligations, Everick developed a geoarchaeological model to predict where Pleistocene Archaeological sites might occur on Stradbroke and Moreton Islands.


DTMR Warrego Highway

Cultural Heritage Field Assessment including Aboriginal heritage for proposed road widening and tree clearing. Disturbance analysis, archaeological modelling, risk assessment and advice on legislative compliance.


DTMR Curry to Cooroy Upgrade

Cultural Heritage Field Assessment, heritage register searches, review of ethnographic and historic sources, disturbance analysis, predictive modelling, GIS modelling, engagement with stakeholders and legislative advice, and production of a detailed archaeological testing program.


Western Link Transmission Line

Archaeological survey of a 100 km infrastructure corridor. Identification of culturally scared trees. Tasks included the implementation of a Part 7 CHMP, assessment report and developing ongoing management strategies, and providing advice on modern (non-cultural) attempts to imitate Aboriginal rock art.


BMA Technical Advisor (Bowen Basin)

Technical advisor to BMA on 15 mine sites and exploration leases. Tasks included CHMP compliance advice, archaeological surveys and internal management advice, internal systems and data management review, regional archaeological modelling and strategic advice.


Gladstone East End No. 5 Cement Mine

Aboriginal heritage assessment in support of an EIS and drafting / negotiation of a Part 7 Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP). Assessment in preparation for Cement Australia’s 90 ha mine extension. Project tasks included survey, leading negotiations with Aboriginal parties and their technical advisor, and drafting a CHMP under Part 7 of the ACHA.


Amex Providence Residential Development

Aboriginal heritage advisor for a proposed 800 ha residential development staged over 20 years. Tasks included negotiating approved Part 7 CHMP, ongoing negotiation with Aboriginal groups over impact mitigation, maintenance of Aboriginal site records, and supervision of on site cultural heritage works.


BHP Technical Advice (Bowen Basin)

Specialist advisor to BHP Billiton in preparation for a proposed 260 km infrastructure corridor and various mine sites. Provided advice on CHMP negotiations, archaeological modelling, risk assessment, advice on legislative compliance, and historic heritage assessment.


Kings Forest Estate, NSW

An Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment, Excavation Report and a Cultural Heritage Management Plan. Excavations were undertaken in areas of sand dunes and shell middens to provide additional information on aspects of Aboriginal occupation patterns.


Palm Valley Oilfield Exploration, NT

Archaeological assessment including survey of the proposed drill pads and ancillary works areas, detailed management advice and consultation with the Central land council.


Pedirka Exploration Program, NT

Archaeological surveys and reporting in preparation for exploration drilling programs and seismic testing on the north western margins of the Simpson Desert. Project tasks include legislative advice, consultation, negotiation of heritage impact permits and salvage of archaeological artefacts.


TMR Cloncurry and Mt Isa Aboriginal Heritage Assessment

A comprehensive survey and examination of known Aboriginal heritage sites to determine the accuracy, validity, and preservation. Also provided risk zoning and site data through field survey and detailed reporting to inform robust management advice


RMS Yarrawonga Mulwala Bridge Replacement

The Mulwala Bridge project involved detailed investigation using a Ground Penetrating Radar to investigate the potential of RMS works to impact on a known Aboriginal historic site. Tasks also included consultation with Traditional Owners and archaeological excavation.


AARNet, Heathcote National Park NSW

A Duty of Care Cultural Heritage Assessment in relation to a proposed fibre optic alignment. The intent of this cultural heritage assessment was to assess potential Aboriginal and historic heritage values associated with the are, and to provide recommendations.


Clarkes Beach Midden, NSW

An Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment and associated Aboriginal community consultation was undertaken to understand the cultural values of the midden and its physical nature and extent. The desktop study and field inspection concluded that additional investigation was required to understand the nature and extent of the midden and its cultural significance to Aboriginal people.


South Ballina Sand Quarry, NSW

Cultural Heritage Assessment of large Pleistocene sand dune in preparation for a proposed quarry. Tasks included archaeological test excavations, testing for both human remains and Aboriginal artefacts, extensive knowledge holder consultation and negotiation of use of GPR to manage potential risks to burials.


Parramatta West Public School

In support of a State Significant Redevelopment application for the proposed redevelopment of land adjacent to Parramatta West Public School an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report (ACHAR) was prepared. The ACHAR included archaeological survey and GPR in conjunction with consultation with the Registered Aboriginal Parties. It was determined that contaminated fill and previous land use had severely compromised the archaeological potential of the land subject to redevelopment.

Historic Heritage

Current Projects - Queensland


Wynumm Road Upgrade

Technical advisor for the upgrade of Wynnum Road, Brisbane. Tasks included an assessment of cultural heritage values, cultural heritage induction design and delivery, works supervision and archaeological excavations.


DHA Mt Lofty Residential Development

Historic assessment of the Mt Lofty Rifle Range (1877 - 2011) including archive research, consultation with community stakeholders, site survey, review of values against historic criteria and archaeological excavations.


Completed Projects


TMR White Cliff Developmental Road

An archaeological assessment of recorded historical values along the Kennedy developmental road. Assessment included a search of applicable heritage registers, historic research and inspection of sites to confirm condition and create detailed site cards.


Nambour Tram Tracks Roadworks Supervision

Historical research into the registered Nambour tram tracks, division of a methodology to cut away and replace asphalt for road upgrade, roadworks supervision and detailed recording of condition and heritage value.


Bremer Mills Business Park

A historic assessment of the early development of commercial enterprises in Ipswich. Tasks included historical research, archaeological survey and excavations, site recording and documentation, artefact analysis and cataloguing, preparation of a Historic Cultural Heritage Assessment. 


Petrie Terrace Prison and Police Barracks

Research, excavate and record information on the additions to the site and its changes in use over 130 years from a prison site to a police barracks, in preparation for a new development on the site. In association with historian Dr Thom Blake.


Eagle Farm Women’s Prison

Archaeological investigation of the 1830s prison including historical research, archaeological excavation, site recording and documentation, artefact analysis and cataloguing, and preparation of a Historic Cultural Heritage Assessment in association with historian Dr Thom Blake. 


Yamba Gantry Wall, NSW

Historic heritage impact Assessment in support of alterations and maintenance to a locally listed heritage item. Project tasks included inspection, statements of heritage impact and management recommendations .


Toowoomba Town Hall

Cultural heritage assessment, excavation of the site, cultural heritage recommendations and advice on development of the former Town Hall site, in association with historian Dr Thom Blake.

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Bancroft Baths, Deception Bay

A historic and archaeological study of sea baths constructed in the 1880's. The project involved historic research and subsequent excavation of two bath sites. Undertaken in association with historian Dr Thom Blake.


Budd Park Wharf, Tweed Shire

An assessment of known and potential historical cultural heritage values of deposits uncovered during remedial works. Everick provided a statement of heritage impact, research and conservation advice.

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Byron Bay Rail

Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment of proposed use of vacant railway lands for access and car park purposes in Byron Bay. Works included a brief desktop review and site inspection to identify the key heritage values of the site.


Fingal Lighthouse, Tweed Heads

Technical advisor to local community groups on maintenance of locally listed heritage item. Production of conservation policy, including advice on ongoing maintenance, minor restoration and public interpretation opportunities.

Parramatta West Public School

An Historical Archaeological Assessment (HAA) was prepared for the proposed redevelopment of land adjacent to the Parramatta West Public School as part of a State Significant Development application. The  Parramatta Archaeological Management Unit for the area assessed this land as being of moderate archaeological sensitivity  it was determined through detailed historic background research and GPR that the land was of nil historic archaeological potential.