In Situ Photogrammetry

This scarred tree animation example created using photogrammetry. The applications for this technology are exciting in the field of Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultural heritage / archaeological research.

Accessible photogrammetry scans of significant sites or structure can aid interpretation, management and protection.

This is a video recording, however the full file can be manipulated by the user to inspect specific details and elements of a site.

Note: this is not a culturally scarred tree. It was created as a test case

Artefact Photographs

High quality artefact photographs assist interpretation and allow for the distribution and transferal of cultural knowledge.

Everick Heritage has the capacity to take high quality artefact photos, as well as to develop 3D models of significant artefacts using photogrammetry.

White Backed blade with scale.jpg

Drone Surveys

Conducting drone surveys, supplementary to traditional archaeological surveys on foot, can cover ground more efficiently and give a holistic view of a sites or landscape.

Additionally, the footage can help traditional owners, stakeholders and clients understand a landscape better when they are not able to walk it themselves.