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Bachelor of Arts (Ancient History)

Bachelor of Arts Honours (Ancient History)

Specialty Areas

Project Management

Archaeological Survey and Excavation

Aboriginal Party Consultation

Client Liaison

Laura Green

Senior Archaeologist

Laura has worked in the field of archaeology locally and internationally for 13 years. Within Australia, Laura has worked in New South Wales on a large linear infrastructure project, in Victoria on a vital Indigenous site dating to the late Pleistocene era, and in Western Australia on site identification, salvage and survey. Laura has gained extensive experience conducting archaeological excavations. Laura has also worked at the World Heritage Site of Port Arthur in Tasmania, excavating convict-period features and deposits.

Laura has worked in a variety of international locations and managing large scale excavations, including the liquid natural gas project in Papua New Guinea headed, and more recently, supervising research excavations in Turkey with the German Archaeological Institute in Istanbul. Laura has also worked in England and Scotland on various excavations, and she also has experience in lithic analysis, supervising and working closely with indigenous peoples, Traditional Owner groups and liaising with clients.

Selected Project Experience 

  • Sunshine Coast, Qld - Bruce Highway Upgrade Program. Project Management, Aboriginal party consultation and negotiation, archaeological survey and archaeological excavation, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment (2018 - current).

  • Toowoomba, Qld – Warrego Highway Upgrade Program. Archaeological survey, report writing (current).

  • Central Qld – Coal Mine Project Technical Advisor: Project Management, archaeological surveys and archaeological excavations, logistics, negotiations, Aboriginal party consultation, client consultation, report writing (2018 - Current).

  • Central Qld - Kestrel Coal Resources Technical Advisor: Project Management, archaeological surveys, logistics, negotiations, Aboriginal party consultation, client consultation, report writing (2018 - current).

  • Redland Bay, Qld - Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC): archaeological surveys, Aboriginal party consultation, report writing (2018).

  • Logan/Beaudesert - Danggan Balun (Five Rivers) Technical Advisor: Project Management, archaeological survey and excavation, consultation, reporting, strategic advice (2018).

  • Sunshine Coast, Qld – Peet Palmview Residential Development: project logistics, Aboriginal party consultation, archaeological survey, technical advice, reporting (2018).

  • Parramatta, NSW – Trench supervisor at a controversial delicate historic site: excavation, recording, machine monitoring (2017).

  • NSW – ARTC: Survey and Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Due Diligence Assessment (2018).

  • Port Arthur, Tasmania – excavation of convict period features and deposits, recording, compilation of an excavation records archive, archaeological drawings and surveying with total station and CAD programme (2016).

  • Melbourne, VIC – Excavation lead, managing a small team, field excavation, recording creating Harris Matrices and reporting (2016).

  • Pilbara, WA – various archaeological surveys, site identification, salvage and recording (2011 - 2017).