Tim Robins


Richard Robins

Principal (Queensland)

Vanessa Edmonds

Principal (Sydney)

Tim Hill

Principal (Coffs Harbour)

Serena Love

Principal Research Archaeologist

Adrian Piper

Senior Archaeologist

Laura Green

Senior Archaeologist

A. Crawford.jpg

Angus Crawford

Senior Archaeologist

E. James.jpg

Emma James

Senior Archaeologist

Annabelle Brealey

Archaeologist / Project Manager (Townsville)

Pauline Fowler

Archaeologist / GIS

Tony Miscamble

Archaeologist / RPA Specialist

R. Mazlin.jpg

Robert Mazlin

Archaeologist / GIS

Emma Baird

Archaeologist / Assistant to the Director

Matt Finlayson

Archaeologist (Coffs Harbour)

C. LeMoyne.jpg

Charlie Le Moyne


C. O'Neill.jpg

Chris O’Neill


Tallulah Mewett

Archaeological Intern


GIS Specialists

Ian Scott

GIS Specialist / Archaeologist

C. Burns.jpg

Clwedd Burns

GIS Specialist / Geomorphologist



E. Robins.jpg

Evelyn Robins

Chief Financial Officer

Liz Martin

Administration / IT

Lyn Reif

Administration / Accounts

Roxy Banicioiu

Administration / HR

C. Lawrence.jpg

Coralee Lawrence

Administration (Townsville)